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The benefits of Propecia are many. This prescription-only medication is designed to treat male pattern baldness. This medication has the ability to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the body. DHT is linked to the development of hair loss on the head. Any male who is experiencing a rapid progression of hair loss on his head could benefit from taking Propecia as this drug will slow down the body's ability to lose hair.

The benefits of Propecia do not extend to women as this medication is designed to be used by men only. Only males produce the hormone DHT and since this medication was designed to hinder the conversion of testosterone to DHT, it would prove unhelpful to women who are experiencing hair loss. In addition to slowing down the loss of hair in men, Propecia also can aid in reversing hair loss. It does this by stopping the accumulation of DHT in the body to induce new hair growth. buy Propecia online

While the benefits of Propecia are clear and proven, the taking of this drug does come with some risks. Some of the more serious side effects one may have while taking Propecia include impotence, dizziness, weakness, skin rashes and swelling of the breasts. This is why patients taking Propecia must be monitored by doctors to ensure that only the benefits of Propecia are acquired. Some men have reported losing an interest in sex while taking this medication. If you are interested in taking this drug for the treatment of your hair loss, speak to your doctor so the two of you can decide if this medication is right for you.

Propecia can also be used for the treatment of an enlarged prostate gland in men. When Propecia is prescribed for this reason, it may help with a patient s difficulty to urinate and ensure that the optimal urinary flow is maintained for good prostate health.

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